Yilgarn gold exploration breakthrough

May 28, 2020 | News

Pictured: Northern Star General Manager exploration Jamie Rogers.

The Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia and CSIRO have produced new understanding of mineralisation in the Yilgarn province, 400km east of Perth.

Researchers found the formation of ancient gold deposits during the Archean period over 2.5 billion years ago also produced distinctive patterns of chemical alteration in the surrounding rocks.

Looking for these distinctive patterns will make it faster and more efficient for exploration companies to identify potential new deposits.

This could greatly assist exploration in the Eastern Yilgarn region, which despite sharing its Archean geology with the richly-endowed Eastern Goldfields, has produced fewer gold discoveries to date than expected.

Northern Star Resources Ltd, Gold Road Resources Ltd, Ramelius Resources Ltd, Evolution Mining Ltd, Blackham Resources Ltd, Echo Resources Ltd and Saracen Mineral Holdings Ltd were project sponsors.

“The new approaches developed from the project have challenged conventional wisdom, established new models for the genesis of mineral systems and provided insights into how we might navigate them,” Northern Star general manager exploration Jamie Rogers said.