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Gold Mining Journal is Australia’s only dedicated gold mining industry magazine.

Published quarterly, the magazine offers comprehensive coverage of the gold industry both in Australia and worldwide.

In addition to contributions from respected columnists, widespread news coverage on the gold sector is provided by Gold Mining Journal’s journalists, who frequently visit mines in Australia and around the world with mining company executives.

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April - June 2022

Volume 1, Issue 147

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Former Saracen Minerals and Northern Star Resources boss Raleigh Finlayson has officially begun his next adventure at the helm of explorer Genesis Minerals. Having reacquainted himself with intersections, pit shells and everything else that comes with being a junior mining executive, the 43-year-old is now preparing to launch what he refers to as “Genesis 2.0” early this quarter. In our exclusive interview with one of the industry’s most popular identities, Finlayson reveals why his new company’s Kookynie tenements hold a personal significance on top of their geological potential






Ploughing ahead with project financing before it had even completed the feasibility study for King of the Hills was a bold move but one that appears destined to pay off for Red 5 with the company set to achieve first gold production in April. GMJ editor Dominic Piper joined Red 5 managing director Mark Williams and chairman Kevin Dundo for a tour of the project, near Leonora in the Eastern Goldfields, and found out why the company’s willingness to take audacious steps has come as no surprise to long-term investors



Australian Gold Review

Gold might have taken a back seat to battery minerals for the best part of a year now but that doesn’t mean the many Australian explorers and miners invested in the precious metal have any intention of pulling the brakes. In our annual feature on the local industry, we take a look at some of the companies who have quietly been going about their business just waiting for their turn in the investor spotlight





There is no escaping the three biggest letters to dominate the resources sector in the past three years and it seems they won’t be going away anytime soon. Headlining our focus on all things ESG is a full wrap of the March edition of our monthly Paydirt Unlocked series where sustainability, gender and cultural diversity were on the menu. We also catch up on the latest initiatives from The Perth Mint and find a seasoned contractor looking to introduce autonomy to the gold sector




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