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Gold Mining Journal is Australia’s only dedicated gold mining industry magazine.

Published quarterly, the magazine offers comprehensive coverage of the gold industry both in Australia and worldwide.

In addition to contributions from respected columnists, widespread news coverage on the gold sector is provided by Gold Mining Journal’s journalists, who frequently visit mines in Australia and around the world with mining company executives.

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April - June 2024

Volume 1, Issue 155

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Genesis Minerals Ltd has unveiled its plans to reach Australian gold’s mid-tier
with a five-year plan which will take it to 300,000 ozpa annual production from
the Leonora and Laverton operations. Genesis managing director Raleigh
Finlayson explains how it will achieve its aims







Sky-high prices should mean every gold company has aspirations to be
a miner, but that is not always the best option for shareholders, particularly
when debt is expensive and construction costs are high. Dominic Piper
investigates the alternatives several gold juniors are pursuing to generate







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Bellevue Gold Ltd became the latest member of the Australian gold club in
March when it officially opened its namesake mine in Western Australia.
GMJ’s Michael Cameron joined the celebrations and asked managing
director Darren Stralow about his ambitions to make Bellevue a purveyor of
“green” gold





Asia- Pacific Spotlight 

A change of government appears to have given the New Zealand gold
sector a massive shot in the arm. We lead our coverage of the Asia-Pacific
region with a look at two of the ASX’s most progressive New Zealand gold

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