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Published quarterly, the magazine offers comprehensive coverage of the gold industry both in Australia and worldwide.

In addition to contributions from respected columnists, widespread news coverage on the gold sector is provided by Gold Mining Journal’s journalists, who frequently visit mines in Australia and around the world with mining company executives.

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April - June 2021

Volume 1, Issue 143

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Stronger for longer is the resounding view experts have on the sustainability of a rising silver price. Any army of online retail punters inspired a rush to the precious metal earlier in the year, pushing silver prices towards eight-year highs. However, silver is almost a host of other commodities enjoying strength in pricing, so it was pertinent for GMJ to ask whether the current interest in silver is a flash in the pan or not?





“Any gold project not financeable at current prices probably shouldn’t be financed. It is only because it was $2,800/oz last year that we think that way,” Sean Russo from Noah’s Rule tells GMJ. Twelve months ago, the gold price tanked as the pandemic caused all sorts of chaos around the world. However, the rebound was swift and exhilarating as market commentors talked up gold price breaking the $US3,000/oz barrier. Times have changed again and gold equities have taken a battering; some with hedging as a safe haven, others open to both the upside and downside risk of no insurance. With a host of Australian miners and developers precariously placed, Dominic Piper takes a look at what the future holds for the sector in the current environment.



Mining companies will tell you that ESG practices have been part of their make-up since day one, and rightfully so. However, what companies do to encourage better health and safety, environmentally friendly and inclusive workforces has not been well communicated in the past. That situation is changing with companies dedicating specific roles and departments to their sustainability causes. GMJ takes a look at how some companies are taking charge of ESG responsibilities within their organisations.


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