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For 25 years, the monthly publication has delivered news, opinion and features focusing on the latest developments in the resources sector worldwide.

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Latest Issue

September 2020

Volume 1, Issue 286

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With a NPV and capex ratio over 1, Australia’s most strategic and valuable SoP asset – Agrimin’s Mackay project, 940km south of Wyndham port – finds itself in rare company. Agrimin is the latest ASX-listed potash hopeful to unveil robust DFS economics which revealed the remote project is capable of becoming the world’s lowest-cost SoP producer. Mark Andrews looks at the next steps for Agrimin managing director Mark Savich and his team.




At the start of the last decade, North American gold majors, including Barrick and Newmont, dominated the Australian scene. Now the roles have been reversed and the last three years has seen the likes of Northern Star Resources, Evolution Mining and St Barbara expand into US and Canada. And while Australia’s mid-tier is leading the North American invasion, several juniors are also looking to make their own mark on the continent. Dominic Piper leads our coverage with this month’s cover story on those who have recognized the vast opportunities on offer, including seasoned explorer Cherie Leeden.




New South Wales

The Boda discovery by Alkane Resources almost a year ago has breathed new life into the exploration and mining sector in NSW. As is typically the case with these types of finds, others are quick to flock to the region in search of lookalike discoveries. With exploration investment in the State on the rise, Paydirt takes a look at those who have recently arrived in NSW, as well as those who have been ploughing away for some time and are now starting to reap the rewards of the extra attention on the jurisdiction.





Supply chain concerns and investor preference for developed world geopolitical security has seen the ASX Europe club grow from just a couple of companies at the start of 2010 to now 40 members strong. One of Europe’s most recent Aussie entrants in Mineral Commodities, which will celebrate the one-year anniversary of its acquisition of the operating Skaland graphite mine in Norway on October 1. Michael Washbourne spoke to the company’s corporate development manager Peter Fox about how the role the 103-year-old asset is playing in its broader strategy to become a European – focused battery anode producer.




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For over 25 years, the Australia’s Paydirt monthly publication has delivered news, opinion and features focusing on the latest developments in the resources sector worldwide.

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