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Australia’s Paydirt magazine is a highly regarded mining magazine which circulates internationally and features diverse coverage of the metals and minerals industry.

For over 20 years, the monthly publication has delivered news, opinion and features focusing on the latest developments in the resources sector worldwide.

Paydirt’s journalists travel far and wide to bring its readership in depth coverage of companies and emerging projects within Australia and around the world.  

The magazine plays an important role in the sector and thrives on providing key insights on the mining industry to a loyal and receptive audience, including senior mining executives, financial institutions and investors.

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November 2018

Volume 1, Issue 266

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BHP and partners have green-lit their next major iron ore project in the Pilbara – South Flank. More than $4.6 billion will be sunk into developing the open pit operation, which is expected to run with all mod cons available. BHP Minerals Australia vice president planning and technical David Ruddell highlighted some of the innovations the company is using across its business at the ECU Education Series, a partnership with the WA Mining Club, last month. Mark Andrews reports…


Paydirt was recently hosted on an exclusive site visit to Gruyere alongside Gold Road Resources executive chairman Ian Murray. Dominic Piper found construction on the $532 million project one-third complete and a JV partnership which could prove a force in the Australian gold sector for decades to come. He spoke to Murray and Gold Fields regional chief Stuart Mathews about the JV partners’ respective view on Gruyere and their future in Australian gold…

Diggers & Dealers

Kalgoorlie will be bursting at the seams as the mining community gathers for the annual Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum at the Goldfields Arts Centre from August 6-8. Once again interest in presentation spots was high, with a programme featuring 14 different commodities a true sign of the times. Paydirt will be in full force at this year’s event and providers readers with the most comprehensive preview available…


A new government and a new wave of enthusiasm appears to be sweeping through South Australia’s resources and energy space. While players on the ground have lamented how the sector has lagged behind more popular jurisdictions in Australia, they are also positive that the tide is turning. The time is right then for the annual South Australian Resources Energy & Investment Conference at Adelaide’s Hilton, July 30-31. Paydirt takes a look at the stories emerging in the State..

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For over 20 years, the Australia’s Paydirt monthly publication has delivered news, opinion and features focusing on the latest developments in the resources sector worldwide.

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