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Australia's Paydirt

Australia’s Paydirt magazine is a highly regarded mining magazine which circulates internationally and features diverse coverage of the metals and minerals industry.

Paydirt’s journalists travel far and wide to bring its readership in depth coverage of companies and emerging projects within Australia and around the world.

The magazine plays an important role in the sector and thrives on providing key insights on the mining industry to a loyal and receptive audience, including senior mining executives, financial institutions and investors.

Gold Mining Journal

Gold Mining Journal is Australia’s only dedicated gold mining industry magazine.

Published quarterly, the magazine offers comprehensive coverage of the gold industry both in Australia and worldwide.

In addition to contributions from respected columnists, widespread news coverage on the gold sector is provided by Gold Mining Journal’s journalists, who frequently visit mines in Australia and around the world with mining company executives.

About Paydirt Media

The company was established in 1994 and is well-known in the industry for reaching board-level decision makers and investors across the exploration and mining sectors. Paydirt Media publishes its flagship magazine “Australia’s Paydirt” monthly and “Gold Mining Journal” quarterly.

By popular demand…

By popular demand, here is the Australian Nickel Conference programme for Tuesday, October 23 2018 Pan Pacific Hotel Perth. The one day show has generated great interest, with players in the space driven by two themes: Demand for nickel for use in stainless steel and...

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2018 Africa Down Under Cup

One of the events which continues to grow in popularity at Africa Down Under is the Africa Down Under Cup The competition is fierce, and friendly, at the same time and embodies a real sense of community. A self indulgent pat on the back to Paydirt Media and Football...

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