Duke Regis goes for Ben Hur

Aug 12, 2020 | News

Regis Resources Ltd has beefed up its holding in the Duketon greenstone belt, Western Australia, with the acquisition of Stone Resources Australia Ltd’s tenements for the North Brightstar gold project.

The acquisition cost $10 million in Regis shares and a capped 1% NSR on M38/339 which hosts the 290,000oz Ben Hur gold deposit.  The royalty will begin to be paid after the production of the first 100,000 ounces  from M38/339.

“At the same time the exploration tenure acquired with the Ben Hur deposit has the  potential  for  additional  ounces  to  be discovered  and added  to  our  already  substantial  resource and reserve holdings,” Regis managing director Jim Beyer said.


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